SmartLearn –
digital education,
in a new way.

Use personal smartphones and tablets easily and securely in the classroom.

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SmartLearn provides a mobile device management (MDM) system that enables smart classrooms for the use of students’ personal mobile devices.

SmartLearn is a mobile-first solution that doesn’t require additional in-classroom hardware or software installation.

As an open project, SmartLearn is open to all in order to bring the digital transformation to every classroom.


The use of personal mobile devices in the classroom creates new opportunities for schools and teachers.

SmartLearn offers benefits for all:



Digital education is practical and easy to use.

More devices are immediately available for use in the classroom and reduce the setup-time, maintenance and charging of single-use devices.

The time saved allows teachers to focus on teaching and not technical device setup.


SmartLearn teaches students to use their personal devices in more meaningful and impactful ways.

SmartLearn makes learning fun.

SmartLearn enables the self-responsible and above all meaningful use of their mobile devices in classroom.



To make the digitization of your school sustainable and economically beneficial.

Provide short-term digital media access for the entire teaching staff without additional administration costs.

SmartLearn establishes an intuitive and GDPR compliant system developed by teachers for teachers that has been extensively tested in schools.

Benefits of a BYOD solution

BYOD is short for "Bring Your Own Device". It is the approach to integrate personal devices in the classroom and thereby avoid the costly purchase of additional hardware as possible.

BYOD offers many advantages:


Every year, we produce around 50 million tons of electronic waste worldwide, of which only 20% are recycled.

BYOD combines digital education with sustainability and is the future of education.


Equipping students with new devices every year is a recurring million-dollar ongoing task.

BYOD opens this budget for digital content, concepts and real education technologies.


The operation of mobile devices is a means to an end and not content of digital education.

BYOD is an open concept in which everyone is working in his familiar and self administerd environment.


Teachers have no time and capacity to administer IT solutions.

BYOD relieves teachers, personal devices are already serviced by the owners.


Our fees cover the development and deployment of the free student apps for Android and iOS devices.

Choose the SmartLearn solution according to your need.

0 €/month*
  • 1 login for teacher app
  • free student apps
  • Device-Management
    for 1 class upto 40 students
  • Document Camera
    upto 10 uploads

* VAT incl.
5 €/month*
  • 1 login for teacher app
  • free student apps
  • Device-Management
  • Document camera
* VAT incl. / cancellable monthly
from 89 €/month*
  • Premium accounts
    for the whole staff
  • free student apps
  • We are happy to create an offer tailored to your school.
* VAT incl.
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