Teach digitally!
Instantly available and easy to use.

Integrate personal devices in your daily lessons.

Use for free

Integrate digital content in your lessons right now: You decide which websites and apps are allowed to be used on the devices during your lessons.

Teaches your students to use their personal devices in more meaningful and impactful ways

Enjoy a solution that is developed by teachers for teachers, easy to use and tested extensively in real classrooms.


EDUroom is simple and intuitive. The system consists of a teacher app and free student apps for Android and iOS. These apps communicate with each other. Using the teacher app you set rules for using devices in your “digital” lesson. Students are able to take part in your “digital” lesson with their own personal devices by using the free student app. Therefore they are learning the self-responsible and above all meaningful use of their own mobile devices in classroom.

The system is ready to use in an instant and does not require any IT administration knowledge.


SmartLearn includes a Online-Rulemanager, that provides an administration of students and their devices.

The free student apps can be downloaded at the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

The system also provides a document camera to distribute handwritten or other student products in the group within seconds.


Set rules for the usage of mobile devices.

Free student apps

Use private devices in your lesson.

Digital content

Open your lessons for apps, websites and clouds.


Our fees cover the development and deployment of the free student apps for Android and iOS devices.

Choose the SmaertLearn solution according to your need.

0 €/month*
  • 1 login for teacher app
  • free student apps
  • Device-Management
    for 1 class upto 40 students
  • Document Camera
    upto 10 uploads

* VAT incl.
5 €/month*
  • 1 login for teacher app
  • free student apps
  • Device-Management
  • Document camera
* VAT incl. / cancellable monthly
from 89 €/month*
  • Premium accounts
    for the whole staff
  • free student apps
  • We are happy to create an offer tailored to your school.
* VAT incl.

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